Red Paddle Co

Red Paddle Co: 22’0” Dragon

The Dragon 22’0” is an iSUP that performs as fiercely as it looks. This four person paddle board was modeled after the company’s Race series and performs at top speeds effortlessly carrying your team over longer distances in less time. Let’s take a look at how the Dragon will take your team and turn them into championship winners.

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Red Paddle Co: 9’6” Wild Whitewater SUP Board Package

The Wild 9’6” from Red Paddle Co is a uniquely shaped whitewater ready inflatable SUP specially designed for taking on raging rivers from anywhere in the world. The Wild is an ultra-portable board with extreme performance capabilities perfect for experienced riders seeking thrills in more exciting places.

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Red Paddle Co: 8’10” Whip SUP Surf Board Package

Red Paddle Co knows the struggle is real and came up with a way around those high prices, an inflatable surf board. The 8’10” Whip is Red Paddle Co.’s lightweight and durable travel surf iSUP that lets you leave your precious hard board safe at home and run out to catch swells the world over.

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Red Paddle Co: Voyager 15’ Tandem

The Voyager 15’0” is the company’s biggest board yet and allows you to share the adventure with your partner, friends, pets or even strangers. Increased thickness in combination with innovative technologies makes the Voyager Tandem one big bad mama. Take your lady out for a romantic sunset cruise or keep all of the room for you and your gear, any way you want it, you can have it with the Voyager Tandem 15’0”.

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Red Paddle Co: Voyager 13’2”

The 13’2” touring model is jam packed with features and increased volume and stiffness to take you farther for longer. The narrow body of the Voyager models is perfect for those paddlers seeking a little more speed in a cruiser. The Voyager lineup features three gorgeous boards each suited for bigger riders; let’s find out why the 13’2” is getting all the attention.

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Red Paddle Co: Voyager 12’6”

The Voyager lineup from Red Paddle Co is their selection of inflatable SUP boards designed for long excursions and perfectly tailored for taller and larger paddlers. The added rigidity and stability in this board make it the perfect platform to really go the distance. With added length and extra storage zones the voyager expands your possibility for adventure.

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Red Paddle Co: Activ Yoga 10’8”

The Activ Yoga can be used for yoga, Pilates or any form of balance training with a wide stable base and increased rigidity you can get your Namaste on with confidence and ease.

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Red Paddle Co: Elite 12’6”

The Elite series was designed to get you to the finish line in style on the most rigid and flex-free boards. These boards are some of the fastest racing iSUPs available and we are going to find out what makes them so. The complete Elite lineup consists of four different racing boards; we are going to take a look at the 12’6” range; two models with varying widths.

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Red Paddle Co: Elite 14’0”

The longest boards in the Elite Racing family of iSUPs from Red Paddle Co are the 14’0” models. The 14’ class was designed for the more experienced racers and those who compete over longer distances; it is also an ideal racing board for taller riders.

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Red Paddle Co: Ride 14’0” L and 17’0” XL Multi Person Paddle Boards

Red Paddle Co has two multi-person iSUPs in their oversized lineup; the 14’0 L and 17’ XL. Each board is packed with features and makes for an all-around oversized platform of fun.

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Red Paddle Co: Compact 9’6” & 11’0”

Red Paddle Co is known for their innovative board designs and this year they are stepping up their game with the release of their revolutionary Compact series. The complete range currently features two sizes 9’6” and 11’0”, the Compact was designed to be a full sized iSUP that folds down to half of its size for the most convenient board yet. The Compact is a versatile all-around SUP for dedicated paddlers looking for a more functional on-the-go board.

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Red Paddle Co: Ride 9’8” and 10’8”

Red Paddle Co’s inflatable SUP lineup is the all-around β€˜Ride’ range featuring the world’s most popular 10’6” board and two rider size specific boards; the 9’8”, designed specifically for smaller riders and the 10’8” which is three inches wider.

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Red Paddle Co 10’6” Ride: Original and Special Edition

The Ride comes in a variety of sizes; each one crafted for every type of rider, it has some of the best gliding capabilities for an all-around iSUP and the Ride 10’6” is just so good, Red Paddle Co released a Special Edition (SE) of the board. If you could purchase one final iSUP, it would be the Ride.

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Red Paddle Co: 9’4” Snapper Kids SUP Board Package

If you’re a junior paddler or just a smaller grown up the lightweight Snapper provides plenty of confidence inspiring stability and supportive rigidity so you can focus on having a whole lot of fun. From flat waters to beach waves the Whip is the perfect all-around iSUP to add to your family collection.

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Red Paddle Co: Max Race Kids 10’6”

The Max Race Kids from Red Paddle Co is a high performance iSUP designed to help young racers cross the finish line with confidence and style. The 10’6” board is available in two widths and offers the perfect mix of stability and speed.

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Red Paddle Co: Wind & Windsurf 10’7”

The windsurfing lineup features two versatile boards specially designed to take on choppy waters and crosswinds. The 10’7” Wind; designed for paddling but great for windsurfing and the 10’7 Windsurf; designed for windsurfing but great for paddling

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Red Paddle Co Warranty Information

Red Paddle Co does not directly offer exchanges or refunds on products (terms may vary depending on the retail you purchase from). Items returned for defective workmanship will be repaired or replaced and you are responsible for shipping which is common. Any products returned to Red Paddle Co for warranty inspection must receive prior return authorization, which is done by email.

Red Paddle Co requires you to register your board within 3 months of purchase to activate the extended warranty. However, they really upped their game with a new 5-year warranty starting with their 2020 line of boards. For your board to qualify for the full 5-year warranty it needs to be purchased between October 7, 2019 and October 6, 2020. Those purchased in 2018 and 2019 still have their 2-year warranty. All of their accessories come with a 1-year warranty which is average or better.

We are disappointed that it was so hard to find their warranty information on their website, but we think they offer a rock-solid warranty once we did find the details.