Earth River SUP

Earth River SUP: V3 10’7” & 10’7” Classic

The 10’7” model is really the go-anywhere board, with a perfect balance between the V3 compact 9’6” and 11’0” the middle man gives you a little bit of everything. Small enough for easy travel, big enough for beginners, quick enough for racers and tough enough for the rest. The 10’7” is the perfect partner for every paddler, especially if you have no clue what you’re looking for.

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Earth River SUP: ERS Skylake Green 9’6”, 10’7”, 11’0”

Since nothing in life is perfect there was bound to be something that ERS missed, right? Well, sort of, you see the only complaint here is the lack of included accessories, but because their boards and gear are so well made and long lasting, we’re not really concerned about not receiving a paddle with our purchase. When you own an ERS board you’re willing to dish out a few extra bucks for some accessories, and let’s face it if you got the board, you can probably afford the accessories.

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Earth River SUP: V3 9’6” & 11’0”

Whether you’ve been paddling for years or have recently decided that paddling is what’s been missing from your life, the V3 series is a top-shelf introduction. If you’ve trialed all other paddle boards before and are ready to settle down, the V3 series has a life partner for you, and if you’re looking for a fast track to the pros, there’s a V3 for you too.

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Earth River SUP: ERS Skylake Blue 12’6”

The Skylake Blue Touring comes with the Skylake BLUE™ fin pack consisting of a two longer fins and a thruster fin so you can customize your ride. You also receive a fin carrying case and all the hardware you need to attach them. Along with the fin pack you will get the ERS Premium heavy-duty backpack to hold your board and all of its components. The backpack is constructed of premium materials with top-end features like padded straps and grooved wheels. Lastly, the package includes a dual action pump with built-in pressure gauge.

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Earth River SUP: Skylake GT Series

With the release of each new collection it seems the Earth River SUPs just get better and better; we only think they’re missing one thing. We would like to see the addition of grab handles on the front and tail of the board for launching and in and out of the water.

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Earth River SUP: ERS Skylake Blue 9’6”, 10’7”, 11’0”

Each of the Skylake BLUE ™ boards comes with the BLUE ™ fin pack that includes the fins, screws, and a padded fin bag. You also receive a travel backpack for storing your board and all of its complementing accessories, and a dual action pump. The travel backpack is made from heavy-duty materials with padded shoulder and hip straps, carrying handles and grooved wheels. The lightweight pump is easy to use with a built-in pressure gauge and comfortable handle.

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Earth River SUP: V3 10’0” Blue & Red

The V3 series features a variety of high performing boards for the paddling enthusiast. The 10’0” models are 33” wide and weigh only 25 lbs. For such a small board, the V3 has one of the highest weight capacities, at 290 lbs. the V3 can carry almost all riders; big, small, short, tall. This versatile board can take on any body of water with any rider, or two. Though, the V3 10’ is not a long board, the wide base and stiffness of the board can even handle a small or furry passenger, and if bringing the kids along isn’t your things, you can load up some gear, or a SUP cooler full of beers.

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Earth River SUP: V3 12’6” Touring

If you’re a dedicated paddler who likes to slow things down and take it all in, but still have the option to hit the turbo boost when the mood strikes, the 12’6” V3 touring model can do it all for you. The maneuverability of the board let’s riders of all shapes, sizes and ages in on the fun too. From first time tricks to time tested techniques the V3 can be customized to adapt to every ride on any water condition. Cut through currents, laugh side winds in the face and take a nap on the lake on the V3 12’6” from Earth River SUP.

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Where to Buy Earth River SUP

Earth River SUP (ERS) boards are sold exclusively through Pumped Up SUP. At this time they are only available in the United States.

Earth River Warranty Information

You have two options with the return policy at Earth River SUP. Within 30 days you can 1) return an unopened and unused board for a full refund* minus $99 to cover the cost of shipping in both directions or 2) you can return your board used or opened and apply it as a credit toward another board in the same price range. Shipping fees of $99 will apply along with a 20% restocking fee; higher than normal. They call this the ERS 30-day “Ride at a Different Level Guarantee”.

Previous boards we tested came with documentation of a 1-year warranty but there is no current warranty information on their website. All-in-all we are disappointed that they don’t better document their warranty on their site and one year is shorter than the industry average these days. The information we did find was under “BUY.”