ISLE Paddle Boards

Isle Limited-Edition Glider All-Water Paddle Board Package Review

The gorgeous graphics are unlike any I have seen on other comparable boards. The limited edition collection is so modern and stylish they make amazing pieces of art. Every detail is so well thought out and the entire collection has a streamlined look.

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ISLE Scout Inflatable Paddle Board Package

As with any yoga or family board, this board is incredibly stable, even for its size. When you move around in relatively calm water, you move your body from side to side and not feel like you’re going to tip over. Another aspect of this is getting on the boar from the water. When a board is too light or narrow, the board want to flip over when you try to get on. This isn’t the case with the Scout.

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ISLE Pioneer Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

The ISLE Pioneer is definitely a decent iSUP for someone looking to get into a mid-range SUP without breaking the bank. Across the board, ISLE offers excellent accessories that make your paddling a lot easier with the exception of the air pump. But in their defense, the optional electric air pumps that they offer are one of the best on the market — good news if you don’t mind paying a little extra.

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ISLE 12’6” Discovery Inflatable iSUP Reviews

The Isle 12’6” Discovery is a strong nod to the company’s origen: 2 college buddies looking to sell surfboards directly to the customer. Actually, they were selling used surf boards, but you the idea. It’s sleek and moves well while still having what you would expect from a quality iSUP.

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ISLE Sportsman 11’6”

To make sure your board doesn’t run away from you, there is an included 8’ coiled leash. This means that you don’t have a giant cord dangling off the board while you’re paddling but can still go on the water confident that you’ll come back with your SUP no matter what. It also has a Velcro holder for your keys if you want to go out without other bags.

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ISLE Megalodon 12’/15’ Review

Megalodon is stable as all get-out. This is crucial since the board is able to support people and the last thing you’d want is a wobbly board with the whole neighborhood on top. With just a couple of people onboard, you can jump and dance without much movement.

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isle Explorer Review

Right off the bat, we’ll start by saying that this board is designed for calm water. It’s too long and has too low a rocker to really help you in choppy conditions, let alone any sort of surf. Because of that, we would recommend only using it in calmer waters like in lakes or large ponds.

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ISLE Pioneer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews 2020

In the paddleboard world, a 10’6 board is considered the standard size since it’s right in that Goldilocks zone — not too short, not too long. So, it makes perfect sense that the 2020 ISLE Pioneer is a board designed their truest all-around iSUP, would come in at that very standard length.

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ISLE Scout SUP Boards Review 2020

With these sorts of iSUPs, we need to give a disclaimer before talking about their performance: this is not a performance board and is not designed for racing or anything of that sort. This is a board designed to be more of a means to an end. That being said, the changes this year do actually make for a better-performing iSUP.

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ISLE Voyager SUP Review 2020

With all the emphasis on inflatable paddleboards these days, sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics and take a look at hardboards like ISLE Voyager SUP. In the world of hardboards, one type reigns supreme: wood boards.

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ISLE SUP Comparison Chart

ISLE Pioneer giliew.png
  • 10'6"x31"x6"
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    ISLE Scout gili2d.png
  • 10'6"x32"x6"
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    Sportsman gili3.png
  • 11'6"x36"x6"
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    Megalodon gili-22.png
  • 12'-15'x45"-56"x8"
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    Explorer gili-komodo2.png
  • 11'-12'x32"x6"
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    Frequent ISLE SUP Questions

    You can purchase any of ISLE’s inflatable SUPs from their official online store.

    Unfortunately, at this time ISLE only ships boards to customers located in the United States.

    Inflating an ISLE inflatable paddle board is very easy to do. After connecting the flexible inflation hose to the high-pressure hand pump, unscrew the plastic cover on top of the valve and attach the inflation hose. Next, begin pumping up the board in double-action mode and continue until you feel significant resistance. Then, switch the pump over to single-action mode and continue inflating the board until the pump’s pressure gauge reads 15 PSI. Lastly, detach the hose from the board’s valve and replace the plastic valve cover.

    Deflating your ISLE paddle board is quick and easy. After you’re done paddling, simple remove the plastic valve cover, press down the valve stem firmly, and turn a 1/4 turn to the left. The board’s inflation valve is now locked in the open position which will allow all of the air in your board to escape. After a minute or two, you can fold your ISLE board up from the nose to push out any remaining air. Once that’s done, just replace the plastic valve cover and you’re all set.

    Folding an ISLE SUP is also extremely easy to do. After deflating your board, begin to fold the board up by starting at the tail — fold the tail of the board over so that the fin boxes are facing up. Next, fold the section with the center fin box back over the section with the side fins and then fold everything together toward the nose.

    ISLE Warranty Infomation

    United States

    ISLE gives you a 60 day return policy (from date of purchase) wherein you can try their products and if you aren’t satisfied – for any reason – you may return it for a full refund less a 20% restocking fee per item. Many companies do not require a restocking fee and there are only a couple of them which have a 20% fee. Shipping is on you – which is the norm.

    Their warranty provides defect-free workmanship for 1 year on inflatable boards and bags, with 60 days on pumps, leashes and paddles (which is the average in the industry). We should note there are companies that don’t offer any warranty on accessories.

    ISLE is one of a few companies to explicitly state that you should reject any damaged goods. If you open the package and find damage, you have 3 days to contact them.

    Overall, their warranty is rather average. We did like that this 15-year old company’s online warranty and return policy was clear to understand.