Bay Sports Paddle Boards

Bay Sports Original 10’6”

There are a few standout areas on this board, however. You’ll be able to move a lot faster on this SUP than you might imagine because of how light it is. A 10’6” board at 17 pounds is almost unheard of and means that with each paddle stroke, you’re able to get more force. Also, this board is incredibly stable.

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Bay Sports 11’6” Tour

While this isn’t a racing board, man is it fast! This is because of the long narrow shape and three fin setup that give you enough stability but still lets you move in the water without too much drag. It’s not a racing board, though sometimes you might forget that.

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Baysports 11’ Mandala

Although you probably wouldn’t purchase this SUP for the performance factor alone like you may with others, this is a surprisingly well-rounded board. For instance, we would normally expect a yoga board to be sluggish since they’re wider and generally care more about stability than speed.

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Bay Sports Original 10’6” (WOOD-LOOK) c

This is an exceptionally wide board for its length and that means one thing: stability. Even in choppy water, this SUP is designed to keep you upright and it does that well. It does come with a price as your board has more drag and therefore slows you down a bit. With that being said, it’s not a horribly significant difference and the board still has a nice glide to it.

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BAY SPORTS ORIGINAL 11’6” Paddle Board

Bay Sports Original 11’6” (WOOD-LOOK)

For whatever reason, a lot of us have a special place in our heart for nostalgia. Even if we haven’t lived through a certain period, seeing pictures from the past make us miss something we may never even experienced.

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Bay Sports Cruise

On the surface, the Bay Sports Cruise might just exemplify what we just talked about. So, why should you take the time to take a look at this iSUP. Also, if you were considering a board from the Bay Sports line, what sets the this one apart from the others?

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