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Blackfin Model X by iRocker

One of the biggest names in the game since the beginning is iRocker which eventually went on to form their Blackfin line of paddleboards. If you’re unfamiliar with Blackfin, you could think of it as the Lexus to a Toyota or the Acura to a Honda. You can count on the same dependability of the manufacturing and design but just about every feature is premium compared to its iRocker or counterparts.

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iRocker SPORT 11′ Reviews 2020

The iRocker Sport is certainly faster than its peers but still is able to used for as a general purpose board as well. Keep in mind that it’s not the most stable board out there and is not recommended for beginners until they’ve gained their footing on a more standard board. Perhaps the ideal user for this board would be someone who has some experience under their belt and wants to go to the next level or someone who wants to eventually transition into a true racing iSUP.

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iRocker 10’6” CRUISER Reviews

Whenever we review iRocker boards, we have to be careful not to be biased since they are easily one of the best iSUPS on the market, especially when you factor in price. As a touring iSUP, the Cruiser has just about everything we would want to see and more, with the 2020 version being the best yet.

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2020 iRocker All Around 10 Reviews

The fin setup here is one of our favorites in the industry. A 3-fin thruster setup with all 3 fins removeable is a rarity to be sure. Being able to remove all 3 fins makes life a lot easier, especially when it comes to setting up and packing the board away or even stacking multiple boards.

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