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Body Glove Mariner XL Review

The extremely stable Body Glove Mariner XL weighs only 25 pounds and is measured at 11′ x 34″ x 6″. The added stability comes from its extra width and durable construction making this board a great fit for SUP fishing.

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Where to Buy Body Glove Inflatable SUPs

Some of Body Glove’s inflatable SUPS can be bought at big box retailers like Costco and Dick’s Sporting Goods. They are no longer available online at Amazon, but they can now be purchased directly on Body Glove’s ecommerce site.

Body Glove Warranty Information

There is no published return policy for Body Glove that we could find. Body Glove boards that we’ve previously reviewed carried a 1-year warranty, but we haven’t been able to confirm any current warranty information on their website.

Known for their wetsuits and PFDs, the website warranty specifically addresses those products but doesn’t mention iSUPs.

We are disappointed that they sell their boards online without support information so we suggest having a thorough conversation with the staff at your place of purchase before you buy.