BIC Paddle Boards

Bic Breeze Air

Bic produces a lot of products, mostly plastics and famously their office supplies. That’s why it comes a surprise to a lot of people, especially outside their native France, that they have an entire division dedicated to water Sports.
If you’ve seen our other reviews on Bic boards, you’ll know that they’re fine boards, but as a whole, nothing to write home about. Keeping in mind that these are not overly expensive boards by any means, they seem to be in a respectable place in the market. read more

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Bic Sport Wing Air (SA) 11’

Those in the know know that Bic has played a big part in the watersports world for years, which makes sense considering what they do. Since iSUP became more popular in the last decade or so, Bic decided it was time to diversify even more. So, is it time to buy a SUP from the same person who makes your office supplies or should you be taking your business elsewhere?

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Bic Performer Air (SA) 10’6”

The standout quality of this SUP is its stability due to it being a little bit wider than you would expect with a board of this length, 33” instead of just 32”. Also, we find that’s it’s great also quite maneuverable due to the shape of the board and the thruster fin setup.

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Bic Oxbow River Air

One of the most recent development in the paddleboarding world is the river board. Rivers have been out of the scope of most paddleboarders because the normal length and design of SUPs haven’t been all that conducive to the shallow, fastmoving waters and rough conditions (like rapids) that you would typically find there.

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