Fanatic Viper Air WS and Viper Air Premium WS

Fanatic Viper Air WS and Viper Air Premium WS Review


It is no secret that Fanatic makes some of the best SUP boards out there; the Viper Air WS is their most versatile, beginner-friendly inflatable SUP board that offers you two sports for the price of one. The Viper Air WS performs like a traditional composite board and the whole family can ride it. It couldn’t be easier to get into SUP boarding or windsurfing on the Viper Air WS.


  • Two construction options; classic and premium.
  • Durable lightweight technology.
  • Versatile and functional board.
  • Family friendly.
  • Beginner friendly.
  • Suitable for tandem riding.
  • Gorgeous graphics and colors.
  • Bungee storage zone.
  • Mast foot insert for windsurfing.
  • Increased volume and stiffness.
  • Two sports in one board.


  • Limited accessory pack.
Fanatic offers the Viper Air in its classic Drop Stitch Light construction and a premium version constructed from Double Layer Heavy Duty technology. This stable and rigid travel friendly board will inspire confidence in the whole family and offers something for everyone.

Why Fanatic?

Fanatic is owned and operated by a team of riders whose only dream is to create the perfect board and to give everyone the chance to get out on the water.

With over three decades of experience, unwavering dedication and incomparable customer service Fanatic has created some of the best products not only for themselves but for their fellow riders. Fanatic is ‘addicted to ride’ and wants to share that passion with the world by way of their innovative and functional products.

The Board

The Viper Air WS in available in two constructions; classic Drop Stitch Light and Premium Double Layer Heavy Duty, which is similar to Fanatics Double Layer Light Technology. Both constructions offer increased volume and stiffness that keeps you high and dry above the water as well as giving you an edge in windsurfing or bringing a rider along. This inflatable board is forgiving in the water and will allow the whole family to practice some new skills whether paddling or windsurfing.

The Viper Air WS and Premium model measure at 11’0” and are 33.5” offering a stable platform to riders of all sizes. A 220 pound weight capacity leaves enough room for mom or dad to take one of the little ones for a ride or letting the kids try riding together. As far as transporting the Viper Air WS; each model comes with an included travel backpack, the classic construction weighs only 21 pounds and can be handled by everyone, but the premium model weighs a bit more at 33 pounds and requires a bit of muscle to lift up and carry. Each board features a single center fin and rear fin for better traction and turns while windsurfing, the rear fin is tool-less and is easy to attach and remove for transport. If you decide to take advantage of windsurfing on the Viper Air, and why wouldn’t you, Fanatic recommends an 8.0 M² sail.

Fanatic Viper Air WS

FANATIC VIPER AIR WS | Boarders Guide | SUP Magazine
LengthWidthThicknessWeightWeight Capacity
11'0" 33.5" 6" 21 lbs220lbs

Fanatic Viper Air Premium WS

FANATIC VIPER AIR PREMIUM WS | SUP Magazine | Boarders Guide
LengthWidthThicknessWeightWeight Capacity
11'0"33.5"6"33 lbs220lbs

Fin configuration: Removable rear fin and fixed center fin
Recommended sail size: 8.0 M²

Design, Construction and Features

The Viper Air WS is available in two premium construction options, both of which are lightweight, durable and are the perfect introductory boards for riders of all levels and first timers looking to switch things up with some windsurfing. The Viper Air WS features a stretched outline that provides a smooth glide, a stable base and increased volume for added buoyancy.

Fanatic Viper Air WS


Fanatic Viper Air Premium WS

FANATIC VIPER AIR PREMIUM WS | SUP Magazine | Boarders Guide

Both models feature Silicon rails for clean release and reduced drag. Each model comes with a soft carrying handle in the center of the board as well as a top deck covered in a soft diamond grooved traction pad for your comfort and convenience.  A Mast foot insert is located at the center of the deck pad for attaching sails of any size, but it is recommended to use an 8.0 M² sail on the Viper Air. Metal eyelets are located at the tail and nose of the board for attaching safety accessories and towing. The classic construction is built with Drop Stitch Light Technology that Fanatic uses for most of its inflatable boards; the premium model features a unique double layer heavy duty construction. The Double Layer Heavy Duty construction is built to last with two strong layers of Tarpaulin wrapped around a drop stitch core. Lastly, Fanatic wrapped the Viper Air WS in its signature eye-catching graphics with shades of blue and red accents.

Included Accessories

For the ultimate convenience Fanatic includes a backpack and pump with all inflatable purchases. The travel backpack features soft padded shoulder and hip straps and enough room for the Viper Air and small accessories. The premium model comes with a premium backpack that has wheels for rolling over any terrain you encounter on your adventures. The Fanatic Power Pump HP2 has a built-in pressure gauge and is comfortable and easy to use for the whole family.

Fly Air Fit | Premium Backpack

Taking it for a Spin

The stretched outline of the Viper Air gives it unbelievable glide so you can soar in the wind with less drag and quicker release. The increased thickness of the board allows it to sit higher on the water even at lower pressures and boosts the confidence of any rider. Both fins play a crucial role in grip and turning in the water when windsurfing. Due to the increased buoyancy of the Viper Air it is easy to manipulate in the water and in high or low pressure winds. The Viper Air WS is the ideal model for getting the whole family into a new sport.

Fanatic Viper Air WS

FANATIC VIPER AIR WS | SUP Review | SUP Guide | Boarders Guide

Fanatic Viper Air Premium WS

FANATIC VIPER AIR PREMIUM WS | SUP Magazine | Boarders Guide

Likes and Dislikes

In case you don’t know already, it can be difficult to pinpoint something about Fanatic’s boards that is unlikeable. If you were to force our hand though we would have to say that the accessory pack is a bit slim. The only thing we would like to see different is a safety leash and a paddle, having these crucial accessories would ensure you had everything you need to go directly into the water.

Get Your Hands on One

Do you love the Viper Air already? If you are looking into getting your very own Fanatic inflatable SUP there are a few options available, you can order Fanatic boards from a number of places online or find an authorized dealer from the list provided on their website.

Last Words

What do we think about the Viper Air WS models? It is one of the most family-friendly versatile boards out there that gives you two sports for the price of one. The ultra-buoyant Viper Air WS glides effortlessly and tracks smoothly so the whole family no matter the size or skill level can enjoy the Viper Air WS.

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