iRocker All Around Cruiser Ultra

Cruiser ultra

iRocker All Around Cruiser Ultra


We’ve been in the iSUP review game for some years now. In that time, we’ve spent a lot of time in the water and seen a lot of brands come across our air pump hoses. But one of the main constants that we have is our love for the iRocker brand. These guys know what they’re doing and have always been very responsive to their clients.




A next-level experience!

The Cruiser Ultra is built with an extra-wide 33” base and a broad tail perfect for multiple riders or additional cargo. It is designed for beginners, SUP yogis, families with children, and intermediate paddlers.

The Cruise is perfect for paddlers looking for a slower ride. It has ample room for one ride and additional cargo and is spacious enough for two riders.

Board Specifications

Weight21 lbs
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Volume322.5 liters
Tail Width20.25”

Paddleboard package inclusions

  • Enhanced backpack
  • A 10’ Coil leash with Key Stash Spot
  • Two 9” snap-lock tethered Fins
  • A 12V accessory pump
  • An accessory pouch
  • A 10’ ankle leash
  • 5-piece carbon shaft adjustable paddle
  • Repair Kit

Paddleboard Construction

The Cruiser Ultra is constructed using woven drop stitch threads and a triple-layered composite PVC outer shell. This construction allows the board to have more rigidity while using less material. Its compact design, like the split deck pad, uses less material, cutting off a few pounds from the paddleboard’s weight with the same number of layers in construction.

Cruiser ultra

Paddle Composition

The Cruiser Ultra’s paddle is built using carbon Shafts with Nylon blades making it a high-quality and durable paddle. The paddle can be broken down into five pieces allowing compact storage, and it can be adjusted according to height.

Preferred For

The Cruiser Ultra paddleboard from the Ultra series best suits beginners and intermediate paddlers. It is an all-rounder board that performs remarkably well if you are a beginner or an intermediate paddler. The Cruiser Ultra might not catch your eye if you are an experienced paddler who expects an exceptionally high-performance board for your paddling experience.


The Cruiser Ultra is the most stable paddleboard in the entire Ultra series.  It performs adequately with speed and maneuverability, the maneuverability being a slightly better feature than the speed.

Overall, it is an all-rounder-performing paddleboard with excellent stability. Its wide dimensions make it a bit slower, which requires more paddling effort.

Suitable Locations

Like the other paddleboards from the Ultra series, the Crusier Ultra serves you well when exploring all kinds of paddle water sports.  It is built to deliver excellent performance in various water bodies. Whether cruising a canal, exploring a river in the Rockies, or surfing the coast, the Cruiser Ultra’s performance exceeds expectations.

Stiffness test

The stiffness test was performed by placing the 11’ Ultra on two sawhorses set 7’ apart. We then loaded the SUP with 150 lbs at the center to see how much it bent under the weight.

The SUP bends by a 1.0625’ under the weight, which is almost at par with the stiffness of the rest of the Ultra series. Although the stiffness test doesn’t define a paddleboard’s performance on the water, it gives us an insight into the board’s construction and rigidity.

How it performs on the water

The Cruiser Ultra is an all-around SUP in performance. It is highly stable with a decent speed performance and easy tracking. It also displays excellent maneuverability without having to compromise on any other feature. Its high-volume build and rigid construction ensure the highest weight support amongst the Ultra series for heavier/taller paddlers or paddlers with heavy paddling gear.

As mentioned earlier, the Cruiser Ultra is the most stable paddleboard of the Ultra series. It feels very tough under your foot and responds well to shifts in weight. It feels rigid and durable while still being lightweight.

Since the Cruiser Ultra is the widest amongst the lot, it isn’t expected to be a rocket on the water. Its speed performance has increased a bit more than the original Cruiser, but it still doesn’t beat the rest of the Ultra series in speed. The wider build of the Cruiser Ultra is to be blamed for a slight decrease in speed compared to the others.

Similar to the other Ultra SUPs, the tracking of the Cruiser Ultra has visibly improved from the original Cruiser. This excellent tracking performance is majorly due to the new 9” twin-fin setup. This twin setup grips a lot more water and naturally holds a straight line while paddling, even if your form is not 100% correct on the board. Since it is wider than the rest of the board, it cannot display the same tracking performance as the narrower boards of the Ultra series, but the difference is minimal.

The Cruiser Ultra is better performing in maneuverability than the original Cruiser and the 11’ Ultra. However, it is slightly less maneuverable than the 10’ Ultra. Its maneuverability performance is close to the CX Ultra even after being the wider, higher-volume, all-around paddleboard. Since it is lighter, you don’t need to put much effort into forward-sweeping and backstroke turns. The broad tail of the Cruise Ultra provides a lot of stability during a stepback turn.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the Cruiser Ultra is 300 lbs. It is a perfect board for midsize paddlers. You can easily tag a midsize friend, take a child with you, or carry your heavy paddling gear.

It can easily accommodate and manage heavyweight paddlers without compromising stability and speed.


The Cruiser Ultra is perfect for:

  • Paddlers looking for a board that performs well while paddling in various environments like flat water, chop, waves, or slow rivers.
  • Paddlers who are looking for a stable, high-volume SUP while being lightweight
  • Paddlers who are looking for all the benefits of a compact board.
  • Paddlers who prefer a laid-back paddling experience.
  • Paddlers who need an all-around board that performs well in every facet, including features and performance.

Overall Ratings: 9.8/10

  • Stability: 9.7/10
  • Speed: 8.6/10
  • Tracking: 8.9/10
  • Maneuverability: 8.9/10
  • Construction Quality: 9.8/10
  • Features/Accessories: 9.8/10


The Cruiser Ultra is an all-around SUP in all facets. It is stable, fast, easy to track, and displays decent maneuverability without compromising aspects. Its high-volume build and rigid construction ensure the highest weight support among the Ultra series. The Cruiser Ultra is the most capable of supporting taller/heavier paddlers or paddlers who want to load up with heavy gear.

We believe the Cruiser Ultra represents a new standard for travel and adventure in the inflatable industry as an all-rounder beginners’ paddleboard.

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