iRocker All Around 11’ Ultra Reviews

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iRocker All Around 11’ Ultra Reviews


2021 was a huge year for iRocker in how they upgraded just about all their models and even added a few. If you’re unaware, Ultra is iRockers premium line of paddleboards, taking just about everything we love about their standard products and dialing it up to 11.




A next-level, all-around experience.

The All-Around 11’ Ultra is built to be lighter, longer, and faster than the previous iRocker models. It has a 32” width for improved stability, and an 11’ length ensures a seamless glide.

The All-Around 11’ Ultra is designed for beginners, too, if you are confident enough in your form or if you are an experienced paddler of 5’9” who loves to experience the thrill of speed. It has a weight capacity of 290 lbs, best suited for solo riders or two riders on the lighter side of weight.

Board Specifications

Weight21.4 lbs
Weight Capacity290 lbs
Volume327.5 liters
Tail Width18.25”

Paddleboard package inclusions

  1. Enhanced backpack
  2. A 10’ Coil leash with Key Stash Spot
  3. Three 9” snap-lock tethered Fins
  4. A 12V accessory pump
  5. An accessory pouch
  6. A 10’ ankle leash
  7. 5-piece carbon shaft adjustable paddle
  8. Repair Kit


Paddleboard Construction

The 11’ Ultra is constructed using a woven drop stitch core that goes deep into the fabric layer, resulting in a stiff paddleboard and significantly less raw material, decreasing the overall board weight. A high-quality valve completes the construction and allows users to inflate their board to 15 PSI for maximum performance and capacity.

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Paddle Composition

Carbon Shafts with Nylon blades make for a good-quality, durable paddle. Its size and shape suit paddlers of different sizes and different paddling situations. The blade of the 11’ Ultra has a “high-aspect” shape.

Preferred For

The All-around 11’ Ultra is an all-rounder performance paddleboard for intermediate and advanced paddlers. It is slightly faster to paddle than the other paddleboards from the Ultra series and gives superb stability for midsize intermediate and midsize advanced paddlers.


The All-around 10’ Ultra gives an impressive performance in terms of stability and speed. The 11’ Ultra gives excellent primary and secondary stability and feels super solid under your feet.

(Primary stability: stability of the board on flat water; Secondary stability: stability of the board when tilted on its rail)

Suitable Locations

The 11’ Ultra can be your perfect companion for exploring all kinds of paddle water sports.  It delivers excellent performance in a variety of water bodies. Whether cruising a canal or exploring a river in the Rockies, the 11’ Ultra covers everything efficiently.

Stiffness test

The stiffness test was performed by placing the 11’ Ultra on two sawhorses set 7’ apart. After that, we loaded the SUP with 150 lbs at its midpoint to see how much it bent under the weight.

The SUP bends by a 1.0313’ under the weight and makes it.

How it performs on the water

The All-around 11’ Ultra has been tested excellent for most water activities, including touring, surfing, fishing, or chilling on the water. The 11’ Ultra was impressive in performance with its effortless glide and super-impressive tracking.

The overall stability of the paddleboard is better performing than most SUPs out there. But we found the stability of the 11’ Ultra to be a tad bit less than the stability of the original 11’ All-around. A slightly narrower width and stiffer construction might be responsible for it. For smaller paddlers, the 10’ Ultra might be preferred in terms of stability as no one desires extra volume longitudinally. Nevertheless, the lateral stability of the 11’ Ultra is excellent and efficient.

The 11’ Ultra’s tracking performance has our heart as it beats out the other Ultra series in tracking. It beats out the original All-Around 11’ and the rest of the Ultra series when it comes to tracking. The included 9” fins that attach to the twin fin setup give you the expected tracking even if your form isn’t perfect while paddling

The maneuverability of the 11’ Ultra doesn’t beat the rest of the Ultra series. The 11’ Ultra might be slower on forward sweeping and backstroke turns, but the maneuverability performance majorly comes down to your paddling experience and your paddling tactics on the water.

It feels strong under your weight and performs admirably on straight lengths in water. Its speed is efficient enough for water sports but cannot be used for racing purposes.

The 11’ Ultra’s full deck anti-slip pad adds up to its overall performance by providing the grip almost everywhere on the board. Overall, it performs well on all types of water and easily cruises straight through it stably and efficiently.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the All-Around 11’ Ultra is 290 lbs. This makes it suitable for lighter paddlers and solo paddlers. The stiffness of the board and the weight capacity together play an essential role in stabilizing and balancing the paddlers.

Nevertheless, we firmly believe that your paddling experience and form largely determine the board’s practical weight capacity and balancing.

AA11 3

The All-Around 11’ Ultra is perfect for:

  • Paddlers looking for a light and compact SUP that can be carried easily on a plane, for a hike, or in the back seat of a car.
  • Paddlers looking for frequent paddling in different environments like flat water, chop, waves, and slow rivers.
  • Paddlers looking for an all-around SUP that is stable enough for beginners without compromising on the speed performance.
  • Paddlers looking for the adaptability of an all-around SUP while performing well in terms of stability
  • Paddlers looking for a paddleboard with the tracking capabilities of a touring SUP

Overall Ratings: 9.8/10

  • Stability: 9.5/10
  • Speed: 8.7/10
  • Tracking: 9.4/10
  • Maneuverability: 8.5/10
  • Construction Quality: 9.7/10
  • Features/Accessories: 9.8/10


We recommend the All-Around 11’ board to everyone. It is beginner-friendly, and it can also cater to skilled paddlers, fishers, yoga gurus, and families, even with kids. The All-Around 11’ is a good board for advanced paddleboarding and can even be used for surfing and SUP touring.

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