Fanatic Ripper Air WS

Fanatic Ripper Air WS


The Ripper Air WS is another one of Fanatic’s kid-specific boards that inspires confidence and independence in the next generation of riders.



  • Catchy and fun color scheme and graphics.
  • Comfortable diamond grooved traction pad.
  • Easy to setup and use.
  • Tracks and maneuvers well.
  • Rigid and stable.
  • Ideal speed for kids.
  • Specifically designed for kids.
  • Mast foot insert for windsurfing.
  • Promotes independence and confidence.
  • Bungee storage.
  • Removable rear fin.


  • Safety accessories not included.
The Ripper Air WS is an all-around inflatable SUP that kids can easily carry, setup and maneuver all by themselves. This board offers two sports for the price of one and will keep young rippers entertained for hours on end no matter where the next family trip takes you.

Why Fanatic Ripper Air WS?

Fanatic is owned and operated by a team of riders whose only dream is to create the perfect board and to give everyone the chance to get out on the water. With over three decades of experience, unwavering dedication and incomparable customer service.

Fanatic Ripper Air WS Fanatic has created some of the best products not only for themselves but for their fellow riders. Fanatic is ‘addicted to ride’ and wants to share that passion with the world by way of their innovative and functional products.

The Board

Constructed from lightweight yet durable Drop Stitch Light Technology, the Ripper Air WS is just the right size for the kids to handle themselves from inflation to getting in and out of the water. The top deck is covered in a forgiving diamond grooved traction pad that is soft on little joints and feet. The increased volume and stretched outline of this 7’10” board give a gracious glide at just the right speed for little paddlers and remains stable in the wind for the adventurous riders.

With a weight capacity of 120 pounds the Ripper Air WS is strictly for kids, or smaller grown-ups, but Fanatic has a board for the whole family we can leave the Ripper to the kids. Both fins are removable and can easily be attached and removed thanks to the super kid-friendly fin system. Add the center fin for windsurfing or leave it off the cruise around with your paddle. The whole board can be deflated and stored in the included backpack and only weighs 17 pounds so the kids can carry that too.

LengthWidthThicknessWeightWeight Capacity
7’10”28”4.5" 13.5 lbs120 lbs

Fin configuration: Removable rear and center fins
Recommended sail size: 7.2 M²

Design, Construction and Features

The drop stitch core of the Ripper Air WS is wrapped in strong yet feather light layer of Tarpaulin and then two PVC rail layers are added around the outline of the entire board for added rigidity. The Ripper Air WS remains stable even when inflated to lower pressures thanks to its increased volume, the kids can sit high atop the water and feel safe when they start gaining speed. A carrying handle and Mast foot insert can be found in the center of the board, Fanatic recommends a sail up to 7.2 M² for the Ripper Air WS.

Towing eyelets are placed at the nose and tail of the board for towing and attaching a safety leash.  The bungee storage zone located at the nose of the board is handy for attaching a dry bag or securing the paddle in place when it’s time for a break. The Ripper Air models all feature bright orange graphics with peppered accent stripes making this the coolest looking toy on the block.

Included Accessories

Fanatic includes a travel backpack and pump with each inflatable board. The travel backpack comes with soft padded shoulder and hip straps and just enough room for your board and accessories. The Fanatic Power Pump HP2 features a built-in pressure gauge that kids can read themselves; the easy to use pump inflates the board in a matter of minutes.

Premium Travel Backpack | Fanatic | Boarders Guide
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Taking it for a Spin

From transporting and unrolling the board to getting on the water, kids can setup and use the Ripper Air WS all by themselves. With two stroke options the board inflates in a matter of minutes; starting with double stroke and finishing with single stroke the board hits its optimal PSI at 15. On the water the Ripper Air feels stable and soft under the feet. The stretched outline and volume of the board allow it to glide over the water smoothly in any condition, even choppier days. Both fins work in harmony to cut into the water and maneuver the board whether paddling or windsurfing. The Ripper Air WS is a great kid’s board for all skill levels to help get the whole family out on the water together.

Likes and Dislikes

What is there not to love about a brand that creates a board for every rider no matter the age or skill level? The Ripper Air WS is a near faultless inflatable kids SUP, but there is one thing missing. We would like to have seen a safety leash included in a kid-specific product, not only to protect the kids but to keep that pricey new toy safe.

Get Your Hands on One

Do you love the Ripper Air WS already? If you are looking into getting your very own Fanatic inflatable SUP there are a few options available, you can order Fanatic boards from a number of places online or find an authorized dealer from the list provided on their website.

Last Words

The Ripper Air WS model is not only the ideal travel board for kids, but it is a perfect entry-level board for a young rider that offers two sports for the price of one. This iSUP has kid friendly looks and a soft forgiving surface for those first time falls. On the water the Ripper Air WS is stable and confidence inspiring, with gracious glide and steady speeds the student will quickly become the teacher.


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