Fanatic Diamond Air: The Board at a Glance

Fanatic Diamond Air


The Diamond Air from Fanatic was designed to be a girl’s best friend. This all-around inflatable SUP was specifically designed to suit the female rider featuring added stability and lightweight construction all wrapped up in an eye-pleasing package. The Diamond Air is a medium sized all-around SUP this is suitable for all-levels of female riders looking to cruise around or try catching some small waves.


  • Striking graphics and colors.
  • Simple design.
  • Lightweight yet durable.
  • Easy to transport and setup.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Great tracking and speed.
  • Removable center fin.
  • Tool less fin setup.
  • Bungee storage system.
  • Carrying handle.
  • Comfortable traction pad.


  • No tail kick pad for surfing.
  • Only one carrying handle.
The board is available in two sizes offering an option for taller ladies. The Diamond Air glides effortlessly over the water, feels solid under your feet and is easy to maneuver. The Diamond Air was modeled after a longboard and has a little extra volume in there for added stability. This minimalistic board is the perfect travel companion, with lightweight construction and simple features the Diamond Air is truly a pack-and-go iSUP.

Why Fanatic Diamond Air?

Fanatic is owned and operated by a team of riders whose only dream is to create the perfect board and to give everyone the chance to get out on the water. With over three decades of experience, unwavering dedication and incomparable customer service.

Fanatic Diamond Air Fanatic has created some of the best products not only for themselves but for their fellow riders. Fanatic is ‘addicted to ride’ and wants to share that passion with the world by way of their innovative and functional products.

The Board

Available in two sizes the Diamond Air comes in 9’8” or 10’4”, the entire structure of this board was designed to suit a female’s body and having two size options gives tall and short women equal opportunity to get out on the water. The smallest of the boards has a 32” width making it stable enough for tall riders, though this board is probably better suited for small riders like children or those who have a better handle on maneuvering one.

The 10’ board has just a bit more width at 34” and offers more stability for taller or beginner riders. Both boards come with a weight capacity of around 200 pounds perfect for the single rider or bringing a little friend along, furry or not. There is no asking for help to transport the Diamond Air as it weighs less than a small child at 18 lbs.

LengthWidthThicknessWeightWeight Capacity
9’8”32"4.5" 18 lbs200 lbs
10’4”34"5.5" 19 lbs210 lbs

Fin configuration: Single

Design, Construction and Features

This all-around women specific iSUP is a beautiful blend of functionality and form. Modeled after a traditional longboard, which happens to be the best board for beginners, the Diamond Air is more than an entry level surf board. This board was designed to glide with ease and grace atop the water and to slice through choppy waters like a fierce mama shark.

The Diamond Air uses Drop Stitch Light Technology; combining a drop stitch core encased in a layer of strong Tarpaulin wrapped with the all-around outline. The rail features a double PVC layer for added rigidity giving beginners the confidence to take on small waves. A diamond grooved EVA foam traction pad covers the top deck standing zone for grip and comfort under your feet.  The nose of the Diamond Air features a bungee storage system for bringing along luggage or for just securing your paddle in place while you take a dip. Transporting your board is easy with the carrying handle found in the center of the board as well as the towing eyelets that are featured at the tail of the board and under the nose; these are especially handy for towing, tethering and attaching a safety leash.

Setting up the Diamond Air to rush into the water only takes a few minutes; unroll your board, pump it to the desired PSI, snap the tool-less fin into the US fin box and you’re ready to get out there. The Diamond Air is then finished off wrapped in stunning graphics with a maroon/ fuchsia color palette and we can’t forget that signature Fanatic logo ever so carefully placed.

Included Accessories

We like the consistency of Fanatic’s accessories package. With the Diamond Air you receive a Fanatic Power Pump HP2 for effortlessly inflating your board in minutes and a premium travel backpack. The premium backpack is the way to go for travelling with your iSUP, it has padded shoulder straps and a hip strap, as well as plenty of storage for your accessories and there are even wheels for when you just don’t feel like loading your pack onto your back.

Premium Travel Backpack | Fanatic | Boarders Guide
FANATIC DIAMOND SUP Review | Boarders Guide

Taking it for a Spin

The Diamond Air is super lightweight when packed and fully inflated. It pumps up almost instantly, the fin is easy to snap into place and you don’t need to worry about any missing wrenches. The reduced thickness of the Diamond Air has no effect on its rigidity but actually makes it super easy to navigate in choppy waters and on windy days. The single fin setup allows you to turn corners sharply and glide with a decent amount of speed across the water. The Diamond Air was able to effortlessly go from a calm cruise to practicing turns on small surf. The bungee storage comes in handy when you feel like a lazy day out. Deflating the Diamond Air was just as easy as inflating it, snap the fin out and store it in the backpack, dry the board off and roll it up back into the bag, setting up a picnic is more time consuming then setting this iSUP board up.

Likes and Dislikes

The perfect combination of beauty, grace and functionality there really isn’t much we dislike about the Diamond Air. If our hands are tied and there is no way out, we must confess, it would be nice to have a kick pad at the tail for fine tuning those surf skills and that’s scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Get Your Hands on One

Do you love the Diamond Air already? If you are looking into getting your very own Fanatic inflatable SUP there are a few options available, you can order Fanatic boards from a number of places online or find an authorized dealer from the list provided on their website.

Last Words

What more could we possibly say about the beauty of the Diamond Air? Fanatic did a wonderful job reaching their target audience with this woman oriented iSUP, and it’s not just for women, the Diamond Air is a great all-around medium sized board for beginners to intermediate riders of all ages and genders, as long as you like the color fuchsia.


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